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Employee Wellness Challenge
Bite Into Health Employee Wellness Challenge

Six healthy habits in six weeks. Eat Well, Drink Well, Sleep Better, Move More, Feel Well, Stress Less

Engage Online and offline with fun posters and accompanying “Bite Into Health” booklet.

Employees can track and participate through desktop, mobile or tablet.

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*Includes up to 250 employees. Have more, please contact us!

“It’s the cost of two employees being absent for two days.
When you think about it like that, it more than pays for itself.”

What Is It?

“Bite Into Health” is a six week wellness challenge. Each week employees explore a new topic; eat well, drink well, sleep better, move more, feel well, stress less.

With an Online and offline approach “Bite Into Health” is a fun and inclusive way to encourage healthy habits and a happier, healthier company spirit too.

Corporate Wellness Challenge

How The Wellness Challenge Works

Employees participate in developing healthy habits at their own pace. The points they earn can then be awarded towards a goal or charitable goal set by you. Within the company, the accompanying print materials bring the wellness challenge to life. This creates greater engagement, inclusion and employee participation for the wellness challenge.

Week Challenge
Week One Eat Well
Week Two Drink Well
Week Three Sleep Better
Week Four Move More
Week Five Feel Well
Week Six Stress Less
Completion Celebrate Achievements


A small change in diet can have great benefits. Each of our mini-challenges takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes a day; allowing members to develop healthy, sustainable habits.

The whole experience is brought to life with personalized emails, community conversations, competitive leader boards and positive feedback.


Sleep can dramatically improve health. We now understand that sleep and rest can critically affect our mood, stress levels and ability to focus and function.

The third week of Bite Into Health helps members improve their sleep patterns and quality of sleep.  As with all parts of the challenge, we help each member grow new healthy habits with small incremental step by step improvements.


We know everyone is different, which is why, we don’t try and make everyone walk 10,000 steps a day. Instead, we encourage employees to track active minutes.

Long term success comes from establishing healthy behaviors, that stick, and can be incorporated into our daily lives. That’s why we encourage each employee to embrace activities they love, from gardening to yoga or walking their dog in the park.


Our lives are increasingly connected, busy and filled with challenges both at work and at home. If un-managed these challenges can have a negative impact on our health.

The last two weeks of Bite Into Health are designed to help members manage life’s setbacks. With psychological and behavioral tools, members learn how to manage stress and better balance their busy lives.

Employee Wellness Platform

What You Get

In-depth administrator’s roll out guide.

10 individually designed large posters with your company branding. ~ Contact us for more.

Accompanying branded booklet for all employees.

Six week branded wellness challenge available on mobile, tablet or desktop.

MeoCare platform access for 6 months + FREE additional health programs for employees.

What It Costs

The Bite Into Health wellness challenge is a fixed price product that includes support as standard. We won’t sell you add-ons or hidden features. Our full product is included with all features and branding as standard.

The challenge is six weeks but we include six months of support for your employees. Personal health programs are available to employees at no additional cost.

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*Includes up to 250 employees. Have more, please contact us!

What Happens Next?

Once you make contact with us, we can discuss your specific business needs, number of employees and your roll-out schedule.

All we require is your corporate branding and what reward or rewards you would like to offer your employees.

Once your branding is finalized, we ship the booklets and posters with login information for all employees. This normally take up to two weeks from the date of approval.

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We offer a simple fixed price package, easy to set up and roll out.

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