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Drive Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is critical in driving business results. We work with organisations to motivate, engage and unite employees around a common goal of better health.

By rewarding, inspiring and facilitating better health you begin to drive employee happiness and discretionary effort. Healthier employees are frequently happier and more engaged at work.

Top Benefits For Top Talent

Employees are increasingly under pressure to find the right work, life balance. On average the annual cost paid by employees for services such as Yoga, fitness and weight loss exceeds $550.

If you are seeking to attract top talent, or motivating and retaining existing staff, you need to think beyond basic salary and benefits.

Strengthen Core Values

Today’s employees are looking beyond basic salary, to employers that distinguish themselves through company culture and brand.

Placing employee health as a core value is a strong, positive way to differentiate your company, attract and retain the best talent.

Boost Participation

Workplace wellness programs have traditionally suffered from poor participation. According to a study from Gallup, of companies who offer a holistic approach to well-being, 81% of employees are less likely to look for a new employer. We improve the well-being of individuals and organizations through social support, community participation, physical activity and better health.

Retain Top Talent

Top talent is hard to find and replacing them has financial implications. According to recent Department of Labor statistics, the average tenure of an employee in the U.S. is now only 1.5 years. The average cost in replacing an employee is estimated to be 20% of the person’s annual salary.

The single most effective way to reduce turnover and keep your top talent is to build a strong culture that employees value.

Reward Employee Health

Effectively recognizing and rewarding employees for health achievements inside and outside of work drives positive sentiment, cultural alignment and organizational engagement. According to Deloitte, organizations where recognition occurs have a 14% better employee engagement rate.

Wellness Challenges
Feel happier working on their own health program.
Are more willing to participate in other company initiatives.
Feel more positive and in control of their own health.
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