Our Approach

MeoCare is a powerful health platform giving employees the freedom to work on personal health programs and challenges, when and where it suits them.

Designed to accommodate our modern busy lives, the MeoCare employee wellness app, has all the features you would expect, in an easy to use online and mobile experience.

Employee Wellness App

Personal Programs

Bad habits and bad health can take years to develop; it’s not surprising that new habits take time too. We look at the uniqueness of each person and treat their health goals individually.

Some people need more nutritional encouragement such as small steps to gain confidence in the kitchen. Others may be keen fitness enthusiasts which could benefit from nutritional information to optimize their performance.

Whether motivation, support, nutrition, fitness or simply following a healthy lifestyle, we have each and every person covered.

Fun And Achievable

Often what is suitable for one person can be bad for another person. For example a strong physical activity regime wouldn’t be appropriate for someone with chronic obesity, likewise someone in training has their own unique needs.

We pride ourselves in catering to each person’s ability, the point they are at in their health journey and the time and resources they have. We have over 50 ways to encourage employees and firmly believe in more carrot and less stick.

We believe strongly in positive reinforcement and making health achievable, fun and long lasting. This is why our unique programs grow as each individual grows too.

Motivation And Support

We learned early on that without the right support and motivation even the best made plans fall apart. Support is so important to us that we built our entire platform on a core system to provide motivation and support. Employees are matched using our proprietary algorithm, to teams that work together, towards a common goal, while always being supported by the community.

We also know that some people work better on their own. Our intricate support and motivation system in non-intrusive and allows teams, individuals and communities to participate to build a culture around health. We respect privacy and each individual’s right to it.

Health For Real People

We all have busy lives and including health can be challenging. We have designed our platform to be as time efficient as possible. The use of timely and actionable triggers creates long term habits and meaningful lifestyle change.

Highly engaging content is delivered in an easily consumed format for home and work. Our employee wellness programs are designed to be fun, interactive and easy to use.

Whether out and about or in the office it’s never been easier to get relevant information that doesn’t require you to give up 20 minutes to read an article or take a quiz. We make great programs for real people with busy lives.

Employee Wellness App

Wellness Challenges

Our health platform is the result of over two year’s research into psychology, sociology and behavioral science. The good news is we have made complex science a pleasure to use.

Our evidence based employee wellness programs are based on the latest scientific research and government guidelines. As science changes and evolves so do our programs accordingly. Our nutritionists have over ten years’ experience working with individuals, groups and organizations.

We realize that deeply rooted academic research is important but the ability to understand and digest it is even more important. Making the complex simple is where we excel.

Wellness Challenges

Quantified Self

We love tracking and offer food, activity, appetite, steps, mood, water and weight trackers. Our tracking works together to better understand the links between emotion, food, stress and activity.

Our difference is that we are more than a simple tracking platform. All of our trackers are integrated into our personalized programs making them highly relevant. Data and charts are nice but without context they won’t help you improve your health.

We make sense of the data to give you useful information that can be acted on.

App Features

Personal Programs

Employee wellness app that is tailored to each persons unique health and fitness goals.

Team Collaboration

Teams work and collaborate together to earning points for helping and supporting each other.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our employee wellness app is available on all devices, all the time. Whether at home, at work or on the go.

Measurable Outcomes

We believe in long term change that can be measured by the individual and rewarded by the company.


We have trackers for food, appetite, water, mood and much more. Each has been designed to accommodate a busy schedule.

Global Workforce

MeoCare is perfect for uniting a company, with offices around the world, through a culture of health.

Easy Setup, No IT

Our cloud based platform is easily setup with no internal IT setup and ready in minutes.

Time Efficient

Our programs are designed to take no more than 20 minutes a day to complete at home or at work.

Evidence Based

Our programs are based on scientifically proven methodologies and best nutritional practices.

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