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We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to changing health. Spanning three continents we embrace cultural diversity and pride ourselves in bringing innovative health and wellness solutions to our customers.

Culturally we enjoy the good things in life; family, friends and food. These and the values we share below, motivate us daily to create a product that helps improve health.

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Evansville, Indiana, United States

Meeo Ltd, Jenkinstown, Co.Kilkenny. Ireland
International: +353.87.754.0654

Corporate Culture

Our mission statement is proudly displayed as part of our MeoCare corporate identity: Health Starts With Food

This statement is the core belief within the company and informs our decisions and corporate direction. Additionally we have a list of core values which we try to work and operate by. This is a continual work in progress as we learn and grow as a company.

Our Values

  • Family – Value family.
  • Change – Be open to change.
  • Passion – Be passionate.
  • Growth – Embrace growth.
  • Humility – Be thankful, respectful and humble.
  • Aspire – Be useful and improve the lives of others.

Management Team

Meeo Limited was founded by CEO James Malone in 2014 and is proud to be a self-funded, fast growing company. BodMinSou.com was launched in 2016 to compliment our enterprise solution MeoCare. Our founder-run team of extroverts, foodies and techies work hard to make a product people love to use daily.

Work With Us

We work with leading employers who put their people first — and companies that are growing, launching, and innovating employee benefits.

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