Turn-Key Small Employers Wellness Challenges

By James Malone

MeoCare launches turn-key wellness challenges to help promote health and wellness for smaller employers.

Corporate wellness programs focus on large corporations, but more than 99% of the firms in the United States have fewer than 500 employees.

Most large employers have some type of employee wellness program. Whereas only 22% of small employers currently offer such programs, according to the National Small Business Association. Their first product “Bite Into Health ” gives these smaller employers a simple, affordable way to promote health within their organizations.

The “Bite Into Health” wellness challenge enables employers to bring wellness into their business in a dynamic and affordable way. The wellness challenge combines; a highly engaging offline promotions pack with a technology driven health platform. This dual online and offline approach engages more employees and drives real engagement and outcomes. “We’re really excited to work with smaller organizations. It’s time for a straightforward, affordable way to promote health.” says CEO James Malone.

As the corporate wellness industry booms small businesses have been left under served. MeoCare is opening up this untapped market to be able to provide small businesses with access to a comprehensive wellness solution they can afford.

Bite Into Health

  • Six week branded wellness challenge available on mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • MeoCare platform access for 6 months + FREE additional health programs for employees.
  • Comprehensive administrator’s roll out guide.
  • 10 large branded and tailored posters.
  • Accompanying branded health booklet for all employees.
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About MeoCare
MeoCare works with leading organizations, to help value, appreciate, reward and recognize their employees. Effectively recognizing and rewarding employees for health achievements inside and outside of work drives positive sentiment, cultural alignment and organizational engagement. Corporate Yoga, weight loss, Pilates, stress management, cooking and fitness are some of the health programs delivered through the MeoCare SaaS enterprise health platform. The MeoCare platform takes the next step in personal health by providing programs suited to each individual. MeoCare is headquartered in Ireland with offices in Kilkenny and Indiana.

By James Malone

Looking to start a wellness challenge? Contact us, and get your employees motivated and engaged in health.

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