Wellness Challenges

Employee Wellness Challenges That Include Everyone

New 2017 Challenge

Offer your employees, workplace wellness challenges that motivate, engage and drive participation. Our employee wellness challenges include nutrition, weight management, cooking and lots more.

employee wellness challenges

What Is MeoCare?

Our employee wellness challenges help you support general and personal employee health, with self managed challenges and engaging offline material.

This is a fun way to encourage healthy habits throughout the office and a happier, healthier company spirit too.

Wellness Challenge

Engaging Employees

We work to help you retain, reward and rejuvenate your employees. Our challenges help recognize health in the workplace with a light touch of health and a heavy touch of fun.

Each challenge includes cooking, fitness, stress management, sleep improvement and nutrition. With our online and offline approach we can engage employees  that are traditionally hard to reach.

Working Together

We work together to reaffirm your core corporate values, helping to align these values with those of your employees.

We can work with your existing wellness programs and providers, to compliment your current solutions, and facilitate greater health engagement.

Measured Results

Our participants report feeling more connected, appreciated and in control of their own health. Typically we engage 50% to 60% or more of a client workforce. Contact us and let’s see what we can do together.

Why Challenges?
Feel happier working on their own health program.
Are more willing to participate in other company initiatives.
Feel more positive and in control of their own health.

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