Health Starts With Food.
Employee Wellness Can Too!

Many health problems are related to diet and
nutrition, we believe the solutions should be too.

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Corporate employee wellness programs that simply work.

Employee wellness programs

1. Easy Peasy Setup

No software to set up and it’s ready within minutes for your employees globally.

2. Personal Programs

Employees sign up and get a personalized nutrition program matched to their health goal.

3. Healthy Community

Teams work together in the spirit of collaboration providing support and motivation.

4. High Engagement

Measure how your employees grow healthy using our highly engaging and fun programs.

Take the pain out of employee wellness

We knew that the best people to advise us were the people that mattered, employees. So what do employees really value in employee wellness programs?

No quizzes, long assessment forms or complicated daily tracking, we listened and kept it simple and engaging.


Unique programs for unique people

Each employee is recommended a program that is evidence based, using the latest research in nutritional science and tailored to them. This makes employee health personal and achievable.

We take a long term view of improving health by incorporating good habits into busy schedules. We make living a healthy life fun and achievable.